Be Weary of the Pumpkin Spice Latte

Oregon City dentist

Your Oregon City dentist has noticed there’s something stirring in the air that’s causing people to lose all self-control. Many of its followers stand bleary-eyed, focused only on finally getting their hands on what they’ve been eagerly awaiting for what can seem like a lifetime. The devotion it inspires has created its own subculture of…

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Should You Brush Before Or After Flossing

Oregon City family dentistry

As an Oregon City family dentistry, we hear a lot of questions from patients about the need to floss. While brushing gets most of the attention when it comes to the best oral hygiene habits, flossing actually plays just as important role in protecting the long-term health of your teeth and gums. The biggest threat…

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5 Reasons Never To Ignore Bleeding Gums

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As our team of Oregon City dentists repeatedly tells their patients, healthy gums are a positive sign of quality oral hygiene. However, even for patients that attempt to take their oral hygiene seriously, you can experience times when your gums feel sore or inflamed, which can indicated a variety of oral health problems. Bleeding gums…

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Understanding Gingivitis

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At Oregon City Dentistry, your trusted Oregon City family dentistry, Dr. Brett Johnson wants every patient to understand the risks their oral health faces on a daily basis.  In many cases, the signs and symptoms of serious oral health problems can be easily overlooked. Knowing what to look for can help you identify a problem before it…

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Are Blueberries the Key to Fighting Gum Disease

A common condition among many of Oregon City dentist Dr. Brett Johnson’s adult patients at Oregon City Dentistry, gum disease occurs when oral bacteria form biofilms – more commonly referred to a plaque – on the surface of teeth. More severe cases of gum disease – a condition known as periodontitis – can even require…

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What Are The Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth?

Oregon City dentist Dr. Brett Johnson hopes that by now most of our patients at Oregon City Dentistry understand that the basic recipe for maintaining healthy teeth and gums includes brushing and flossing daily, along with eating a diet full of teeth-healthy foods. However, what many people may not realize is how some choices about what…

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Oral Bacteria Can Slow the Body’s Ability to Heal

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Of the little nuisances the come up in life, few things are as frustrating as accidentally biting your cheek or tongue. Not only do these accidental little bites hurt, they also seem to take forever to heal. Part of the reason why is due to oral bacteria. While your mouth may contain billions of bacteria…

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What You Need to Know About Your Oral Health

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When it comes to protecting your oral health, most people need to know more than just how many times a day they should brush. Even if you brush and floss daily, schedule regular visits with family dentist in Oregon City Dr. Brett Johnson, and avoid eating foods high in sugar, you can still develop a…

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Chewing Gum May Remove as Much Bacteria as Brushing

Chewing gum has long been linked to a number of positive oral health benefits, including fighting cavities to improving saliva flow. Now a new study has discovered that chewing gum can actually remove harmful oral bacteria from the mouth. In fact, researchers suggest that chewing gum may remove as much bacteria from the mouth as…

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Oral Problems Could Signify an Eating Disorder

Individuals suffering from eating disorders typically hide their disease, making it difficult for their doctors to detect. However, a dentist can see the signs that indicate eating disorders, such as ulcers and redness, which patients just can’t disguise. This places dentists in a unique position as a primary care doctor capable of spotting and helping…

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