Healthy Tips for Halloween Candy Consumption

Halloween is that right around the corner, which means your family, is probably getting ready for trick-or-treating.

Recent research shows that children actually perceive Halloween as a holiday that is not very good for their health; they recognize that they usually eat too much candy. Do you kids know that sugar is bad for their teeth?

Some children surveyed said they would preferred to receive other types of gifts like video games instead. The questionnaire was conducted by the American Dental Association and Pop Games which targeted trick-or-treating aged children 5 to 13 in the United States.

94% of all American children participate in trick-or-treating. Chances are your family is right there along with the rest of Americans. If you are trying to take care of your family’s health, Oregon City Children’s dentist Doctor Brett L. Johnson at Oregon City Dentistry has tips to help you.

Have fun

Although two thirds of kids that were questioned agreed that they do eat too much candy during Halloween 89% reported that they would still love the holiday even if it wasn’t candy focused because it is one of the most fun holidays. Make sure to encourage your children to have fun and enjoy the time out trick-or-treating.

Brush more often

Encourage your children to brush their teeth more often this time of year especially since Halloween is really centered around candy. The extra sugar can stay on the teeth longer than expected, which can cause extra tooth decay.

Floss daily

Many people get so busy during this time of year that they forget to floss make sure that you actually floss especially after you eat candies such as gummy bears. Any candy that has a gummy substance is actually the worst type of candy for your teeth. The sugar can seep into the crevices of your teeth and cause tooth decay and cavities.

Make smart choice this Halloween. And from all of us at Oregon City Dentistry we wish you a happy, healthy Halloween.