Easy Ideas for a Gluten-Free Fourth of July

Food issues have become more prominent over the last few years, including people who have opted to go vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free due to lactose intolerance. Family Dentist in Oregon City Dr. Brett Johnson encourages his patients to take the best care of themselves and their teeth, and for you or someone close to you, this might mean having a diet that’s gluten-free.

This issue becomes more important as family and friends gather for parties or barbecues to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. Whether you need to feed a whole crowd or are providing a dish for a potluck, there are really easy ways to make sure there are gluten-free options for those who need them.

Gluten-Free at the Grill

There are many options when it comes to providing grilled foods for your guests or if you’re trying to stay gluten-free. Choose chicken, pork or beef and a gluten-free barbecue sauce. Many of them say whether or not they fit this category right on the bottle.

If you choose a hamburger or hot dog instead, Udi’s has a line of gluten-free buns. Garnishes that include fresh lettuce, tomatoes, Vlasic varieties of pickles, avocado, Heinz ketchup, and French’s mustard are all gluten free.

Salad Doesn’t Have to Be Only Green

Many people view the idea of going gluten-free as an opportunity to expand their horizons with different kinds of food, and this is the same for salads. We might think of salads as basic lettuce, cut veggies and salad dressing, but there are so many ways to make salad exciting AND gluten-free.

To provide a delicious alternative to green salad and still stay dairy-free and/or gluten-free, considering these options:

  • Quinoa salad
  • Potato salad
  • Egg or tuna salad
  • Strawberry and spinach salad
  • Pasta salad using specially made pasta from quinoa or brown rice

These are just a few ideas. However, be aware of dressings – read the labels to make sure they are truly gluten-free.

Crunchy Chips, Creamy Dips

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dish idea to take to the barbecue, consider a couple of bags of delicious gluten-free chips. Potato chips are naturally gluten-free, and Kettle Chips has many varieties. Consider also pairing gluten-free tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole. Check any additional dips you’re interested in taking or making to make sure they fit the bill.

Fruit-Based Dessert Treats!

Desserts can easily become sweet little minefields for those who are concerned about consuming gluten, dairy or eggs. Consider making your own dessert to bring in order to satisfy the sweet tooth without any negative consequences. Cut watermelon is a delicious, hydrating treat that everyone seems to enjoy. For a more patriotic option, try making Red, White and Blue Fruit Kabobs using strawberries, blueberries and pieces of banana to get into the 4th of July spirit!

Since it’s summer – and once the celebration is over – it might be time to get those teeth checked and cleaned. Call Oregon City dentist Dr. Brett Johnson at 503-656-1522 to schedule your appointment!