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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Sam Greenstein and the staff at Oregon City Dentistry, your Oregon City family dental office of choice, are happy to announce that they have acquired Dexis Digital Radiography, a new digital x-ray technology.

While these digital x-rays provide new and various advantages to the staff at Oregon City Dentistry, there are many ways that digital x-rays help patients!

More Comfort Equals Less Stress

For many people, a trip to the dentist can be a stressful part of the day. Using Dexis digital imaging, the staff at Oregon City Dentistry can provide more comfort for their dental patients.

Dental x-rays are a valuable part of any dental maintenance program – in the past, they have been uncomfortable, time-consuming and messy. With digital imaging, however, x-rays can be taken in a fraction of the time. Taking digital x-rays is quicker and easier, and the hygienist is focused on you throughout the process.

Digital x-rays arrive instantly to a computer in Dr. Greenstein’s office, where it can be evaluated immediately by the staff at Oregon City Dentistry. The focus is on you and your comfort – not on developing your x-ray film.

More Accurate Imaging

Have you ever had dental pain that you couldn’t pinpoint exactly? This new digital x-ray technology allows for more detailed and accurate images of your teeth to be displayed.

These x-ray images are more sensitive, allowing us to see cracks, decay or other problems that can’t be seen on traditional x-rays.

In addition, these images are easier to read and share with patients, especially when a problem occurs. Dental patients can see their teeth on a large computer monitor, and the dentist is able to discuss potential problems with you while focusing on the images. Dr. Greenstein can also zoom in, circle, and enlarge potential problem areas.

Problems are Detected Early

Digital x-rays allow for potential problems to be detected earlier than with traditional x-rays.

“With the Dexis Digital system, we can spot decay at the earliest stage,” says Dr. Sam Greenstein. “We can also look for decay on the roots and between teeth, which helps us treat it as soon as possible with less pain and discomfort.”

This is especially valuable regarding children and their development of healthy teeth and gums. Raised in a digital age, kids can also understand dental issues better when they’re clearly presented on a computer monitor.

Sharing Important Information

Not only are these x-rays easier to share with their patients, but the versatility of these digital images allows Dr. Greenstein to confer with colleagues when necessary. If there’s a particular problem that requires a referral to a specialist, your images can be easily transferred and discussed between Dr. Greenstein and the specialist.

Good for the Environment

Traditional x-ray film and chemicals can cost hundreds of dollars a month, including the disposal of hazardous chemicals used in the process of developing x-rays. With Dexis digital imaging, Oregon City Dentistry is free from environmental concerns when it comes to taking x-rays.

Everyone at Oregon City Dentistry is excited about what this new technology means for their practice. This technology offers many advantages to our patients. We can’t wait for you to experience it.

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