Top Five Dental Tips for Patients

If you’ve been to see us recently or even if you have months till your next appointment with Oregon City family dentist, it is important to remember that oral health is an ongoing priority. Most of our Oregon City Dentistry patients know that flossing and brushing everyday, checking oral health for any signs of worry, and limiting cavity-causing sugars is the key to good oral health. Here are some facts that everyone can benefit from.

Overlapping Teeth Are No Need For Worry

Many patients get stressed at a few overlapping teeth or slight overbites, but really there is no need for alarm. These are primarily cosmetic issues, so although they may be unsightly, most do not even show up when we speak or smile. Making sure to floss and brush extremely well between any crowded teeth is key. That way, you can help to thwart any tooth decay or gum disease.

Gum Disease Can Be A Huge Issue

If you happen to make a habit of forgetting to brush or floss at least once a day (and preferably twice!), Dr. Johnson and his staff can usually tell as poor gum health is an indication of this lapse in dental hygiene. Symptoms can include, particularly tender and sensitive gums, receding gums, and gums that are red and swollen. Remembering to take the time to floss, brush, and even using mouthwash can help to stop gum disease from taking foot.

Citrus Juice Is Just As Bad As Coffee and Wine

Many of us know that wine and coffee can badly stain teeth, but what you may not know is that drinks that have citrus juice in them can also be problematic for your teeth. Juices like lemonade and limeade can wear away your teeth enamel due to the high level of citric acid. This citric acid can also be found in carbonated beverages like sodas. So if you find yourself indulging in large amounts of citric acid laden beverages everyday, limiting your intake will help to protect you teeth enamel. Drinking such juices and beverages with a straw can also help limit the exposure of teeth to those harmful acids.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Not Just for Kids

Many of our patients believe that wisdom teeth removal is just for children and teens, but, in fact, adults who have not had their wisdom teeth extracted when they were younger, can have them removed any time. Wisdom teeth, due to where they are in the mouth, can be hard to get to with floss and brushes, which can make them more likely to get tooth decay and cavities. These cavities can easily turn into a root canal if they are serious, so sometimes removing them before they become an issue is the best course of action.

The Water Pic Is Best

You may have often heard the refrain from your dentist to floss and brush frequently, but do you know what’s even better? A water pic. This high tech piece of oral hygiene equipment can blast away hidden food particles and leave teeth super clean.

There are many ways in which you can take control of your oral health at home. If you have questions, please ask us at your next appointment. We’re happy to answer any questions and set you on the path for dental success!