Labor Day Foods To Avoid For Healthy Teeth

Labor day is this weekend, which means there is one last chance for fun with a family BBQ. Most people enjoy this final summer weekend because it involves eating good food and celebrating with the family.

But many holiday foods are loaded with sugar. Plus the refreshing beverages such as soda may taste good but they can be damaging to your smile. If you want to preserve your smile, avoid these foods for healthy teeth.


Many people who drink soda Often have move cavities and tooth decay this is why we recommend limit of avoid drinking sugar filled beverages. From a dentists perspective there are many oral health problems that come from drinking soda.

Drinking sugar filled beverages that are full of sugar can be devastating for your health and smile. Soda is nothing but sugar, plus it has been linked to quit a few health issues such as cavities, obesity, diabetes and tooth even decay.

Here at Oregon City Dentistry, your choice for dental care in Oregon City, we get many patients who want to know about soda and their overall health. Just remember that soda is mostly sugar with corn syrup, which can make it toxic to your body.

BBQ Sauce

Although labor day is recognized as the best picnic day, smothering sauces like BBQ sauce on your meat can be bad for your teeth. BBQ is usually loaded with sugar. The sugar can get into you teeth and start to build up bacteria, which will cause cavities and extensive tooth decay. The best thing to do is limiting your condiments or simply avoid the extra sauces.

Avoid Fake Color

Many picnic foods will put food coloring in the products. Cookies, candy packaged goods will add color to make the product more appetizing. Soda, for example has Carmel color added but it is a chemical that does not add any flavor. It is simply for looks and it can eat away at your tooth enamel. Try to eat all natural foods and avoid processed food with food coloring.

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