The Benefits of Digital X Rays

Dental X-rays

Receiving x rays at the dentist is to be expected. X rays are important  for a number of reasons. They give dentists vital information about our teeth and gums that is otherwise indeterminable. X rays also help prevent further dental issues, by spotting problems before they get out of hand. Though we all know x rays are necessary, with traditional x rays, they can be both time consuming, and expose you to low levels of radiation. Luckily, digital x rays are becoming increasingly popular, and they come with a long list of benefits over traditional x rays.

Less Radiation

Though the radiation from traditional x rays has been proven to be safe, and well worth the risk, it’s still a concern for some. Pregnant women, the very elderly, or those with compromised immune systems, are sometimes told to avoid x rays because of these concerns. One wonderful thing about digital x rays, is that they give off less radiation. In order to get a digital x ray, it takes far less radiation to get an image of the exact same caliber, as it would for a traditional x ray. Patients and staff members alike can rest assured that Oregon Family Dentistry does everything they can to make your experience as safe as possible.

Quicker to Process and Store

Perhaps the most compelling argument on behalf of digital x rays for many, is the fact that they’re considerably faster to process. This is because the digitization of x ray, has deemed the chemical processing formally needed, unnecessary. Just like with digital and traditional film, most prefer to snap a picture and have it available immediately. This also reduces the time in the sense of easy storage. Digital files can be stored and saved in no time, and no time is required to uncover them before a dental appointment. Digitizing x rays streamlines the process, and makes it more efficient, and quick, for everyone involved.

Better for the Environment

The chemical processing needed for traditional x rays is not only time consuming, but it’s bad for the environment as well. All of the chemicals needed to process traditional x rays are toxic, and the use of them contributes to environmental issues involved with using and disposing of chemicals like these. So digital x rays provide a more safe, fast, and ultimately “green” alternative to traditional x rays.

Oregon City Dental and Digital X Rays

With the advent of digital x rays, the process of getting x rayed has become fast, efficient, and even more safe. Digital x rays are a great alternative to traditional x rays for both patients and dentists. Oregon City Dentistry, your family dentist in Oregon City, has embraced the advantages of this new technology, and converted their x ray process to digital. There are many benefits to the adoption of digital x rays over traditional ones.